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December 31, 2021: Watch pre-show of online retreat starting at 5:30 PM PST

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Dump your emotional baggage here with all of us for free! Start the New Year off right ...

Be sure to comment below on your experience as we go along or thereafter!


Please enjoy this au gratis meditation ... How would you like to pay it forward?

(choose one below)

  • I am sharing this website with a friend, acquaintance or other on social media right now

  • I am buying from the MyHeroTools Collection (Use Coupon code "6%OffGift" available Dec. 4 - Jan. 31)

  • I am giving a donation for the effort to the cause of emotional healing for all involved

  • I am placing my comments on this blog about the incredible experience or I'll submit a testimonial

Already paid it forward?

Then, we thank you for your continued support for the greater good of all!


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