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Infinite Edge Podcast Episode 1A: Watch an analysis of the 'Emotion Code' developed by Dr. Nelson

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Practical guidance can help you and me on this life journey, as we progress and succeed … Sometimes we must look at life standing on the infinite edge of possibility.

Will you join me on this journey? On the Infinite Edge?

In this first episode of the Infinite Edge podcast, join show host Julia Dudley Najieb who explains the connection of emotions to our physical illnesses, according to Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor and medical intuitive. He is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology.

About Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Nelson graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo, California, in 1988. As a practicing holistic Chiropractor, Dr. Nelson specialized in helping those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and successfully helped patients from across the United States and Canada until his retirement from active practice in 2004. Since 1995, Dr. Nelson has lectured internationally on alleviating chronic and incurable diseases through energy work, and restoring balance to the 6 key elements of health in the body. In 2009, he channeled his life’s work into a simple yet powerful self-study course known as The Body Code system, which was designed to teach students how to balance the body in these 6 key areas.


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