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Smudging Herbs - Juniper Smudge Stick - 2 Bundles

Smudging Herbs - Juniper Smudge Stick - 2 Bundles

SKU: b0a170f0

Juniper is an aromatic evergreen that is burned as fragrant incense or a smudge that has the inherent ability to cleanse the surroundings and attract positive influences while warding off negative energy. Juniper is believed to guard against evil spirits and illnesses and is frequently used for its healing properties.

These bundles are 3.5"-4” long and are perfect for smudging small and large areas alike, such as a room or entire home. This juniper is highly aromatic as its smoke carries its purifying properties throughout a room.

It is used to purify one’s space or body and attract positive energy. Smudging is a spiritual purification process that can be thought of as a cleansing smoke bath that involves lighting the bundle, gently blowing out the flame, and placing it safely in a fireproof bowl, allowing the smoke to fill your space and wash over your body. This practice is held sacred within the Native American culture as well as shamanism.

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