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The Black Finish 33-Minute Meditation

The Black Finish 33-Minute Meditation


The Black Finish:  when all is sanded and primed, then the Soul-Shine is remarkably brilliant!


Through years of personal research and spiritual exploration, I have discovered ways to clean and varnish the Soul, so that it can shine its true brilliance in this world.  We can sand our splintering wood for the highest good of all, and watch ourselves and those around us also improve by association.  

You can still change and be who you are, without allowing emotional aggression to bring you down. 

We can make room in our hearts for the vision of what we want and be a part of creating the equity process, but we have to remove all the emotional junk first.

In 18 - 21 days, watch life change for the better, miraculous changes in one's access to better opportunities, economics and healing are a given.

The key is allowing ourselves to surrender to the pain to release it all, instead of internalizing it.  It means bringing one’s guard down, and believing and knowing that one is in God’s good grace, no matter the circumstance; however, this does not change your unique cultural difference, it accentuates the beauty of resilience, brightens the past for the present and future, and levels the playing field for the good of all.

If you are ready for the experience, then I request that you stay committed to the experience of using the 33-minute audio, The Black Finish two times per day for a minimum of 18 days:  In the morning starting at any of these times:  3:00 AM, 3:30 AM, 6:00 AM, 6:30 AM, 9:00 AM, or 9:30 AM and in the evening starting at any of these times: 6:00 PM, 6:30 PM, 9:00 PM or 9:30 PM.

The 33-minute guided meditation will bring you through a release and healing process, a forgiveness and replacement process and an energy-return process.  It is important to use good working head-phones that have the right and left speakers working for the binaural tones to be effective.

Please comment below as you take your journey and share with others who may want to embark very soon on the same voyage.   May the change begin with you now!
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