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To have Individuals combine energies to change for the good of all involved.

The purpose of the database:  This database is compiled of closely vetted and researched tools to share with the masses who would like to enhance their Lives’ journey.  Individuals who have studied and applied techniques from MyHeroTools also add to this collective library each month, as an offering to universal expansion; as the universe expands, so do we.

Your tasks as an Individual: 


Endure, feel, have, know, pass, see, suffer, sustain, taste, undergo, witness, encounter, meet, accept, receive and adventure.  Be authentic.  Be You. Pay it forward.

Here are the prerequisites to be a part of the MyHeroTools Network as a Cosmic Alchemist:

  1. Be an active subscriber for 60 days or more before joining the network and continuing to practice the tools to enhance One's own life.

  2. Be grateful to be a part of the Life Experience as a whole; be humble to help with the life journey of others without judgement.

  3. Be able to contribute 3 new video links or PDFs that can be added to the library of information database monthly.

  4. Be able to be a part of the Collective at least once a week for up to one hour, (i.e. 6:00 AM, 6:00 PM, 9:00 PM, 12:00 AM, etc.)

  5. Refrain from judgement of other peoples’ spiritual paths, religions, or belief systems; cater the experience for those seeking help without religious affiliations, psychics or mediums, but instead with practical, useful methods.

  6. Finally, be the authentic You; there is no need to sell anyone on anything. 


As Individuals study and apply Myherotools  in their own life journeys, some desire to take it a step further to help others; being a Cosmic Alchemist is another level of life participation where an Individual would like to experience their own super-heroic powers to help the highest good of all involved.  It is a concentrated focus that works collaboratively and collectively with other Cosmic Alchemists with permission from all parties involved. 


Join if You desire to take Your current Life Experience to an empathetic level to assist with all mankind and all living Beings remotely, performing heroic acts from a Collective Consciousness.


We look forward to you adding to the team of practicing Cosmic Alchemists.

(Must already be a paid member of at least one level)

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