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Intrinsic Radio -- Request or Announcement Placement

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Request or Announcement Placement

Business Shoutout Announcement


Perfect inexpensive tool for those who would like to announce their upcoming business opening, business service or product or a general announcement regarding your upcoming online event/seminar/workshop or grand opening.  These events will be announced during the weekly original vodcasts available (Infinite Edg.)  There are up to 18 announcement slots available per weekly show.

Pay It Forward Donation


Intrinsic Radio appreciates your donations and support!  Donations help with show production expenses, website maintenance, and the monthly meditations production.  Leave an inspiring message for us to share with the viewing audience, anonymous okay!

Messages to the Universe

Image by Jeremy Thomas

A new upcoming show called, Messages to the Universe, is a compilation of profound messages or requests to the Universe, Galactic Federation, the Human Race or Other.   Messages/requests can be video messages up to 3 minutes long, or a typed message that is personalized by name, based on the sender of the message, or one can be anonymous.  Messages are compiled with up to 9 other messages per show and are distributed throughout the online TV network, BLENDED TV.

Questions/requests/messages not acceptable:

  • Lottery numbers/gambling winning predictions

  • Wishing harm to another Being

  • Discriminating another Being based on race, creed, origin or gender

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