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MyHeroToolsNFT s :
The MHT Collective


As the MHTC online conscious community grows, think of all the things we can do for the global community.

- Julia Dudley Najieb

About  MyHeroTools NFTs

The Vision

Welcome to the Neighborhood Collective!

Some of us invest time, others invest money, and still others invest in their communities; through the MyHeroTools Collective one can do all three.  Through one's initial personal NFT investment to be a part of the MyHeroTools Collective, not only is that person investing in themselves with free self-help tools, he or she also has the opportunity to help build a global community of like minds. 

The MyHeroTools Collective is the result of its NFT utilities, bringing common mindsets together for a greater purpose: one can explore the self-help libraries, podcasts, blog entries or free e-book, audio books and affirming video meditation downloads. 


One can watch the curated, online, community channels  BLENDED TV and/or BeTuned TV.  BLENDED TV focuses on climate change, self-help DIY earth dwelling projects, environmental justice, urban farming ideas and more relative topics.  BeTuned TV focuses on all metaphysical and esoteric topics such as: near death experiences, UFOs and aliens, meditation practices, ancient knowledge or texts, shamans and spiritual healers, time travel, humans with super powers, and other relative, extra-ordinary topics that are often out of this physical world. 

From understanding metaphysical time-travel to online retreats, this investments goes beyond its monetary value;  each NFT exists for the purpose of the buyer who sees the value in the messaging and/or utility purpose.  From business owner to individuals, people can choose from the different NFT collections: "I AM" E-Unit, Crea RE: and Splinters of Me.  

About The MHT  -NFT  Utilities


For simplicity, we have updated the different levels of membership utilities include:  E-Unit Owner Member (EOM), Media Squire Member, (MSM) and the Cosmic Alchemist


Membership utilities are available to the NFT utility owner; utility and affiliate links activation take up to 3-5 business days to be fully operational. 


In the event of a trade of one's NFT utility, then membership benefits transfer to the new owner.  The transition may take 3-5 business days  after purchase to activate a new owner's benefits.  

The E-Unit Member (EOM) in the MHT Collective owns online space in the MHT Collective which includes a digital neighborhood of up to 4,599 other EOMs with similar interests or like minds.

Membership utilities include:

  • Your submitted picture/avatar featured in your E-Unit space connected to your membership URL link.

  • Have member-only access to the online nature tours, event chat rooms, game center, and workshops.

  • Receive membership-only discount pricing to workshop series eBooks at a fraction of the price.

  • Have 24/7 member-only access to the esoteric subscription libraries at your leisure: Emotional Flush, Inner Hero, and Enhance Powers.

  • Receive weekly blog posts via email to all MyHeroTools podcasts, exclusive upcoming NFT drops and other online news/podcasts relevant to the MHT Collective(NOTE:  To maintain this membership, E-Unit Owner Members must comment on a minimum of three MHT news blog posts per month.  If the minimum is not met by the end of the said term, then one's membership immediately expires.  One would have to restart a membership through a new E-Unit purchase if available.)

  • Have 24/7 access to watch BeTuned TV, Blended TV or to the MyHero Tools NFT Gallery.

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I AM E-Unit.jpg

The Road Map


Image by Matt Duncan

The first MyHeroTools Collective, "I AM" is an example of more collectives to come; as this neighborhood of like minds fills up, another shall be created with a different name.

Then as the Collectives expand, and each person continues his or her life journey, the goals are to then help the global community who may need funding for projects that are helping vulnerable communities and Mother Earth, such as urban farming, renewable energy literacy, solar-power community projects and other relative ideas.  Such projects will be featured on our community-owned TV channels, BLENDED TV and/or BeTuned TV, whichever is appropriate.

We will also continue to upgrade the library database for the subscription levels so that members can work on their own self-development. 


Also, online retreats and meditations can become monthly, led by members of the community to help the masses.  These retreats and meditations would be featured in the MyHeroTools Collectives.

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