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Back 2 ONEness Episode 1: Learn more about the show hosts and what's to come

By Inner Hero Newswire

In episode 1 of Back 2 ONEness, show hosts Julia and Lennice introduce the show's ongoing format and what viewers and listeners can expect: an holistic-food-for-thought, metaphysical experience for the onlooker because it has a little bit of everything.

As the Inner Hero TV studio has been turned into a virtual spaceship, Back 2 ONEness is the first vodcast to use the new studio platform, where all other show programming, moving forward, will take place in that space as well.

The show hosts' say the ultimate goal is to give viewers and listeners an experience out-of-this-world for every show.

"We feel that every viewer and listener is important," said show creator, Julia Dudley Najieb. "I wanted to go all out and make them feel special and show them where my heart is."

From superhero experience-sharing, to short, Mother Earth and Universe meditations, Julia and Lennice entertain guest speakers and video excerpts from trending, vetted gurus, experts, shamans, or others in the esoteric field, depending on the show topic. With a spin of the "cosmic wheel" and where it lands--literally--each show host and guest speaker expresses his or her thoughts about the show topic, theme.


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