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(4-21-24) Infinite Edge: Epic climate events worldwide, 396 Hz frequency revisited and mental illness from a metaphysical perspective

Updated: May 16

China and Dubai are experiencing epic, life-threatening flooding; does mental illness have a dimensional origin?

By Intrinsic Radio Newswire

In this episode of the Infinite Edge, Julia reviews the worldwide climate emergencies culminated by the Creative Society Project and the epic rainfalls happening in China and Dubai. 


Next, the audience learns more about the Lyrid Meteor and where they can see it Sunday and Monday nights only.


Thereafter, Julia reviews the 396 Hz frequency, followed by another unique 396 HZ frequency meditation.


The feature discussion explores mental illness from a metaphysical perspective; Julia and Lennice listen to excerpts from OSM Vision TV which suggests that the voices in one’s head could be a number of things: Beings trapped here on the planet after their Earthly death, extraterrestrial Beings visiting taking advantage, and other entities one prays to during their religious practices.  This includes those diagnosed with schizophrenia –those voices could also be past ancestors wanting to live through this person.  They suggest that this is what gives every human being multiple personalities.  It becomes a disorder when the unknown lifeform takes over the human body and experience.  However not all Beings who are extraterrestrial are bad, according to them.


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