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Infinite Edge (4-7-24): The eclipse, the earth's habitual pole shifts and how the 396 Hz can help all of that; meanwhile, watch the total solar eclipse

Updated: Apr 8

During this episode, listeners learn more about the dynamics of the Earth's pole shift and what to consider during the upcoming total eclipse

By Intrinsic Radio Newswire

In this episode of Infinite Edge, in the first hour, show host, Julia, talks about the state of natural disasters happening worldwide, compliments of the Creative Society Project. Julia then discusses the April 8 total solar eclipse coming up the next day and what people can expect.

At the beginning of the second hour, Julia shared a powerful 396 Hz meditation for listeners from a talented artist.

On the last hour, Lennice joins Julia to talk about the pending pole shift the Earth is due to have. Suspicious Observer, Ben Davidson, has moved his timeline up based on critical research relative to the Earth's poles shifting currently.

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