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(5-12-24) Infinite Edge: Geomagnetic storms, Northern Lights and weather anomalies intensify; here's why

Updated: May 16

Tornadoes ravage the Midwest, Southwest and Northeast of the United States

By Intrinsic Radio Newswire

In this episode of the Infinite Edge, Julia reviews the worldwide climate emergencies culminated by the Creative Society Project and the epic rainfalls happening in China and Dubai. 


In this episode of the Infinite Edge, Julia reviews the recent onslaught of geomagnetic storms from the Sun which is in its solar maximum--the culminating CMEs form the sun are weighing on the protective layer of the Earth's electromagnetic field.  As a result, the brightly colored ribbons of light known as the aurora borealis are being seen across the world in unlikely places.

Lennice later joins Julia after introducing the 174 Hz of the month.  They discuss the scientific background of the Northern Lights provided through a video clip by the Creative Society Project.


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