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Infinite Edge (3-24-24): Let's talk about the climate that IS changing this hour, but not the 'why' yet

What's undeniable is that the climate is changing from one extreme to the other

Check out the second episode of the season:

This week's one-hour Infinite Edge episode spends an hour discussing an introduction to how climate change is covered during each episode with host Julia. She gives three examples of vetted sources for topics concerning the climate that is changing to extremes: The Creative Society Project, The Oppenheimer Ranch Project, and Suspicious Observer.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA,) an unprecedented number of billion-dollar disasters — 28 in total — struck the U.S. in 2023, as the remarkably warm year wrapped up with a record-warm December. 

“The U.S. was hit with more billion-dollar disasters in 2023 than any other year on record, highlighting the increasing risks from our changing climate,” said NOAA NCEI Director Deke Arndt. “Record heat waves, drought, wildfires and floods are a sobering reminder of the consequences of the long-term warming trend we’re seeing across our country. These findings underscore the need for the data products and services provided by NOAA, like this annual report, to help create a more informed and climate-ready nation.”

Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire and Texas each saw their warmest year on record, while Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Vermont and Virginia each saw their second-warmest. An additional 24 states experienced a top-10 warmest year on record. 

The total cost for these 28 disasters was $92.9 billion, but that may rise by several billion dollars when the costs of the December 16-18, 2023, East Coast storm and flooding event are fully accounted for.

The 28 events from 2023 include:

  • 17 severe weather/hail events.

  • 4 flooding events.

  • 2 tropical cyclones (Idalia in Florida and Typhoon Mawar in Guam).

  • 2 tornado outbreaks.

  • 1 winter storm/cold wave event.

  • 1 wildfire event (Maui Island of Hawaii).

  • 1 drought and heat wave event.

Later in the program, Julia highlights an interview from the 2024 Disaster Expo USA with a Creative Society Project representative.

On March 6th & 7th, Disasters Expo USA returned to the Miami Beach Convention Center for the 2024 edition of the conference, dedicated to fostering disaster resilience in the international community. Across the event, over 4,700 professionals congregated at the event for two days of networking, education, and showcases from some of the industry’s leading innovators. 

The event began with a rousing opening ceremony, hosted by Eric Letvin, Deputy Assistant Administrator of Mitigation at FEMA.

With speakers from NASA, NOAA’s National Hurricane Center, The World Bank, along with various other institutions, visitors were treated to some truly high-level insights.   

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