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'Infinite Edge' is back, but on new 'Intrinsic Radio' platform; check out 'Julia's Solar Return-Return' March 17 episode

Updated: Apr 5

After a two-year hiatus of reconstructing video and audio programming , the website, and the audience focus, people can tune into the "Infinite Edge" every Sunday

Check out the first episode of the season:

To open the new Infinite Edge season, Julia revives this show live on her solar return, discussing the new two-hour show's format: from climate change, solar weather and space news to practical metaphysical practices and tools, Infinite Edge explores all possibilities to enhance one's life, the Earth, and puts theory into practice during the actual show.

In the latter part of the show, Lennice and Julia discuss the power of the crystal silica and its attributes along with other powerful frequencies. Julia tells her story about how she was initially infatuated with silica and why ...

In the last hour, Julia and Lennice rap about frequency; Lennice gives his personal story about music, its vibration, and how it affected his life.

Watch or listen to the the Infinite Edge on Intrinsic Radio,

Sundays @ 9:00 PM PST.

Listen to past shows on-demand.


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