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Enjoy 'Julia's Solar Return Show'; guests and hosts share their thoughts based on the 'Cosmic Wheel'

By Inner Hero News

A Solar Return marks the annual position of the planets when one was born; producer host Julia Dudley Najieb shared her solar turn celebration, March 17, 2022, with family, friends and the general public watching, introducing new show concept, Cosmic Wheel.

The idea of the Cosmic Wheel is to have a barrage of relative, metaphysical topics which guests can tune in, video chat, and comment about in their own words with the co-hosts and viewers watching live. So far, Julia plans on doing the Cosmic Wheel Show once a month, featuring different guests from similar backgrounds.

Julia first talked about how she came up with the website concept, "," also known as In the process of building this online library of practical and metaphysical tools, Julia looked for exercises and practices that worked in her own life, then adding it to the different libraries depending on where a person is at emotionally. The different free libraries available through the MyHeroTools free subscription include: Emotional Flush, Inner Hero, and Enhance Powers; the Time Travel Healing library requires a special membership, through the MyHeroTools NFT collection.

Also announced during Julia's Solar Return Show, starting March 23, 2022, is the free MyHeroTools online courses; The Emotional Flush Group Course includes tools and instructions from the Emotional Flush compiled library, but with commentary and instruction from Julia, along with the requested group participation.

Guests who pre-registered for Julia's Solar Return Show receive a free download of the daily meditation; viewers can also just click on the video chapter with the meditation if they did not get to pre-register.

Any viewer can watch the programming online on Inner Hero TV, which requires a subscription to the MyHeroTools website (which is free), or watch it on the Inner Hero TV Roku Channel which just launched March 22, 2022. People can watch the Julia's Solar Return Show live at the following times (PST): 6:30 PM, 9:15 PM, and 6:09 AM.


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