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Watch 'Emotional Flush' course overview and complimentary class on the upcoming astrological phenom

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

By Inner Hero News

Julia gives an overview of the Emotional Flush Group Course, course eBooks and video workbooks, followed by a report of upcoming challenging days at the month's end, and the exercises to prepare for these circumstances. There will be a live meditation on Wednesdays to help people prepare emotionally of what may come.

The first 45 participants who complete the course will receive a free MyHeroTools NFT!

About the My Hero Tools Workshop Series: Emotional Flush Holistic Workshop Series include online group sessions, combined with eBooks, video workbooks, and online journaling for participants who would like an enriching experience demonstrating real-life tools to enhance their everyday emotional Being. The Emotional Flush Holistic eBook serves as a guide to go with each class and meditation.

Julia live streamed on March 23, 2022, to give an overview of the free MyHeroTools The Emotional Flush Group Course starting its first online class April 3, 2022, The course includes tools and instructions from the Emotional Flush compiled library, but with commentary and instruction from Julia, along with the requested group participation. These classes are free and can also be watched on OTT, Roku Channel, Inner Hero TV, which just launched March 22, 2022. Please can register for this free course here.

About the upcoming astrological alignment and conjunctions

According to Vedic astrology experts, the most challenging time is happening right now, and began its build-up starting February 27, 2022. The experts talk about an extraordinary time that is coming this April 4/5, 2022, where the world dynamics could change drastically overnight.

In this complimentary MyHeroTools Class, Julia explores the basic astrological terms for viewers to understand the underpinning details of what's to come, that can be determined through the science of Vedic astrology. through the research, Julia found that experts are concerned about this time in which there will be much friction worldwide.

Julia features a well, explained message from expert in Vedic Astrology, Joni Patry who talks about the impending-doom situation.


Here are some of those expert Vedic astrologists


How Julia came up with the website concept, "," also known as In the process of building this online library of practical and metaphysical tools, Julia looked for exercises and practices that worked in her own life, then adding it to the different libraries depending on where a person is at emotionally. The different free libraries available through the MyHeroTools free subscription include: Emotional Flush, Inner Hero, and Enhance Powers; the Time Travel Healing library requires a special membership, through the MyHeroTools NFT collection.



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