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Revisiting 2017 Samadhi Movie Part 1 - 'Maya, the Illusion of the Self'

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

By Inner Hero News - Julia Dudley Najieb

I ran across this video again almost five years later; the first time I watched it, the information seemed to go right through me, as I was attempting to internalize the messages to accomplish "Samadhi." At the time, it seemed not possible for me to achieve.

However, several years later, I found some useful information that seemed to ring clear to my brain this time around--perhaps I was not ready then to hear the message.

There are still some things I question in the film and need a better understanding of "going with the flow of life," no matter the circumstances, and detaching oneself from ALL outcomes of life no matter what happens. My conflict is that, we as Beings have the power to change our circumstances for the better, so must we ignore circumstances that do not serve us or are changeable for the betterment of your lives?

We would love to know your thoughts on the matter, but first, below here is more information about the organization who produces these powerful, free films.

About the "Awaken the World Initiative"

According to their YouTube channel, the "Awaken the World Initiative" was created for the purpose of humbly serving the awakening of humanity by bringing the perennial wisdom back into the world for free in every language. All of their films, teachings and guided meditations are available for free at in many different languages.

Daniel J. Schmidt founded the not for profit Awaken the World Initiative in 2012.

Daniel is the creator of the award winning film “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” as well as the ongoing “Samadhi” film series.

According to the website, it is Daniel’s intention to convey the one perennial teaching that is inherent within all of the spiritual traditions. Daniel created the Samadhi Center in Ontario Canada and the Awakentheworld Initiative as an outer reflection of his inner world. His approach combines self-inquiry with traditional forms of meditation so that participants have the opportunity to simultaneously realize their transcendent nature, and to purify themselves of conditioned patterns so that the human vessel becomes permeable to their true nature.

So what is Samadhi?

Daniel emphasizes that Samadhi can be experienced not merely as a temporary “state” but as a “stage” of development. The “pathless path” is to realize an ever-deepening development process within the self-structure, and to simultaneously realize the emptiness of the self-structure. When these are realized as one, it is Samadhi.

Check out part 1, let us know what you think by posting your comments below. What resonates with you the most?

What is most questionable to you?



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