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What’s more esoteric than an animated NFT character named ‘Crea’? Launching on 2-22-22 at 2:22 PM

By MyHero Tools Newswire

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have blanketed the internet as a quiet storm, trending as the new art form and unique income opportunity for young and experienced artists.

Businesses and corporations have also found unique uses for the trending digital art space, creating their own NFTs and adding special utilities, giveaways, or other amenities for those who purchase them.

Media executive, publisher, and award-winning journalist, Julia Dudley Najieb, wanted to include a metaphysical approach, combined with video and animation as an art form, conformed into a usable NFT that keeps on giving. She turned her esoteric website, or , into an NFT project, wishing to attract metaphysical enthusiasts who happen to also enjoy art in the form of an NFT and communing with others with similar interest. So, Dudley Najieb created an art form utility that she would want to buy, along with amenities that she would like to see as an evolving project.

The idea spawned into what is today called the “I AM Collective” which houses digital spaces for like minds on her website, an animated, talking character called Crea, who speaks universal messages and an animated version of Julia, herself, voice, and all, but her character is animated. All these artistic video episodes have been turned into NFTs on the OpenSea platform, matching with the different levels people purchase related directly to a membership utility in the MyHeroTools Collective.

“I have been building the metaphysical online library on my website for over five years,” explained Julia Dudley Najieb. “Using the NFTs to launch as a project will not only help build the community faster, but it will also bring together like minds looking for the same thing as they journey through life—at little encouragement, life tools and support. That’s always nice to have.”

Dudley Najieb has pre-launched a limited series from the Media Squire NFTs, with the official launch of the MyHero Tools Collectives to be on Feb. 22, 2022, at 2:22 PM.

Membership utilities levels are identified according to the NFT purchase. Buyers have the opportunity of purchasing NFTs according to the following: The E-Unit Member (EOM) in the MHT Collective owns online space in the MHT Collective which includes a digital neighborhood of up to 4,599 other EOMs with similar interests or like minds; The News Outlet Member (NOM) in the MHT Collective can showcase their news blog, video/audio podcasts or other promotions to be included with the 1,800 total of news outlets, promoters or podcasters who are wishing to reach this niche audience interested in metaphysics, self-help development, and or the esoteric interests; The Workshop Series Member (WSM) in the MHT Collective is an included highlighted speaker with a total of 990 other workshop speaker members who are wishing to reach this niche audience interested in metaphysics, self-help development, and or the esoteric; The Media Squire Member (MSM) is a Level 1, 2 or 3 proprietor for one of the online TV channels, Blended TV or BeTuned TV with up to 99 other proprietors; as the more viewers come to the channel, the more the NFT utility value increases for one to continue to stake or trade in the near future and The Cosmic Alchemist is a self-explorer into the divine and esoteric from time travel to self-awareness, this person is curious of the unknown with up to 998 others in this exclusive group.

Each level has a minimum requirement to keep the perpetual membership utilities, or an NFT buyer can enjoy the art of the matter rather than the utilities, and still benefit, as the value of the animated videos collectively increases naturally.

The Media Squire level gives an NFT purchaser an opportunity to be an online TV Network owner, earning commissions on advertising related to the online channels, BLENDED TV and BeTuned TV which have existed for several years before they were turned into NFT membership utilities.

Interested parties can join the Info-MD Discord server to get NFT updates and giveaways before they are released to the public.


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