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Kiyosak says poverty is an attitude passed on through one's family; school systems keep people broke

By Inner Hero News

YouTube Channel Motivation Hub featured the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, who tells his story as a young boy, comparing his dad who was an employee versus a friend's dad who was a business owner.

The first thing he learned was that as an entrepreneur, you never want a paycheck; the moment you do, you begin to think like an employee. Entrepreneurs work for free and figure out how to make money.

Kiyosaki talked about how the game of monopoly taught him more about money and the habits of rich people in life in regards to understanding buying and selling of property -- just like "rich dad" did in his real life.

He also said that if people do not make mistakes in life, then they never grow, nor is this realistic going through life without making mistakes.

Kiyosaki also said school systems teach how to become a good employee or to learn a specialty (lawyer, doctors, etc.)

Finally, he reiterates that you can become what you say: If one says, "I can't afford it," then the universal possibilities close down. The rich dad says instead, "How can I afford it?" What do I have to do to afford it?" Immediately the doors of possibility open.

What are thoughts on the words of Robert Kiyosaki in this podcast?

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